Forge the shield!

So let’s dive a little deeper into the idea of forging the shield. When we want our health system to perform at its best, we have a bunch of different layers to consider, as I figured out on my way back. Similar to a real shield, every layer has its own role to play and may have some underlying variations.

Today, in my eyes, sleep, nutrition, and movement are the foundation of the shield. So examining these as deeply as possible will give you a good impression of where you are at.

Tracking your food intake, and the quality of the items you consume does not require much more than a sheet of paper, a kitchen scale, and something to take pictures with (or all of these in an app).
Learning about the individual results might need some blood work at the beginning, and then again at a later stage. But for the beginning, tracking food would be my first step. For sleep and movement tracking, there are a bunch of interesting applications and tools, but unless it is your job to test new devices, just get an Oura Ring. Out of all options I have tested over five years, this is the least ugly, least invasive option, and the data you get from sleep monitoring, and even tracking movement, will help you a lot on your journey onwards.

The procedure may take up to a month, but then you will have a perfect starting point.



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