Forging the shield: Grounding.

Welcome to my Lab! So let’s continue on our quest to #forgetheshield for a life beyond health. The next layer may seem a little spooky, but it’s an integral part of a powerful shield.

So let’s jump right in: Have you ever heard about #grounding or #earthing?
In case you haven’t, here’s a summary: Our planet emits electromagnetic frequencies 24/7 and all beings on the planet are intrinsically receiving these frequencies, specifically when in water, as in the sea, a lake or a river, or especially for us humans, standing on the earth barefooted.

Science has already proven the phenomenon back in 1952. If you search for Schumann resonance, you will find astonishing information on conducted studies to prove both the existence and validity of the effects on all living beings.

In our case rubber soles on shoes, concrete, and the non native electromagnetic fields our civilization nowadays produces, have disconnected us from these natural frequencies (varying around 7,83 hertz, in case you were curious?) especially in cities.

To get a little #grounding into your life, try building the habit of standing or walking barefoot on the bare earth for 10-20 minutes a day, or have a swim in natural water. In case you feel like you can not fit this into your current schedule, there are many devices nowadays that can artificially give you some #earthing effects, but for me getting really connected to nature rules.



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