Forging the shield: Light awareness

Welcome to my Lab! On our quest to #forgetheshield, we already had a look at the first two layers, which are basic but essential.

Today let’s shine some light on artificial light. Probably since the beginning of time, light was always delivered in conjunction with heat. Examples like sunlight, the light emitted by fires, even the first bulbs developed by Edison, light was always combined with heat. So far so good.

Things just became a little ugly when the CFL and the LED took over work and home illumination. Whilst the morning and the evening sun – as is the sun at noon – are relevant #zeitgeber for your #circardian clock, the cold flickering blue light emitted by our devices and energy conscious lamps are basically destroying the internal clock.

Why would you bother?

The most important hormone in terms of sleep regeneration, and a major player in terms of #rejuvinication is melatonin. Being exposed to blue light shuts down the internal production of the hormone for six hours. Which is great when you get some sun at noon, but may explain why nobody is tired, even after binge watching for endless hours, or what makes it easier to work late in front of the monitor.

Therefore start by taking a closer look at your lighting habits, and see if there is a connection between lights, devices and sleep quality? In case you are already suffering from poor sleep, this might be the reason.



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