Forging the shield: Mind control.

Welcome to my lab, on our mission to forge the shield for a life beyond health, lets have a quick look at the second layer, and this is the mind.

How and what we think does not only affect how we act, but also manifests in our actual health and even our genes. Since understanding and taming the mind – or in most of the cases the reptile brain – is a quest that is as valuable as it is complicated. I would suggest defining a single action you are willing to stick to for three weeks, or better a month.

Do something to find out a little bit more about your monkey mind, as it is called by the Buddhists, either by writing down your hopes and goals for the day every morning, and reviewing them before going to bed. Start a mindfulness meditation course or start a breathing routine but get in touch with your mind – you will need it on the quest ahead.



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