The importance of purpose.

Welcome to my Lab. On our quest to #forgetheshield I want to bring your attention to an idea that’s somehow obvious but leads to astonishing results when studied. There is quite a strong connection between the efficiency of our internal defense mechanisms, aka the shield, and the sense of purpose we feel in our lives.

look into the characteristics of the oldest people in the famous #bluezones. Aside from their nutrition, research conducted on the connection between the sense of purpose felt, and the link to the immune system, is key to their good health and longevity. Moreover the absence of this feeling lowers your resilience and even has an impact on your epigenetics. You don’t think so? Head over to PubMed and combine the terms “work/daily/occupational stress” and “socioeconomic status” with “epigenetics”.

To make a long story short, you basically start to thrive in every aspect once you have found your purpose in life. Feelings of belonging or having a strong sense of meaning, makes you literally speaking bulletproof, by having the immune system perform at its best. Even more so, once you are connected with your purpose, you will be able to see this in the changed expression of your genes.



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